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The HELIO Index for Investors (HIFI) helps investors identify locations best-suited for investments, based on how well a country’s policies are conducive to its ecodevelopment. Countries practicing SEP would qualify for such investments.

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What is HIFI?

In the next few years, trillions of dollars of investments will be spent in the energy sector. What criteria will guide investors and government policy-makers?

There is a growing demand in the sustainable investment community for tools that provide timely information on the quality of national energy policies. This demand comes from investors who want their investments to be profitable, socially responsible and support ecodevelopment.

Tools are needed both to identify these investments and to help to measure their ex-post performance.

The HELIO Index for Investors (HIFI) is based on HELIO’s experience and expertise in indicator development. The result is a composite index that spans the five categories of capital.

1. Natural capital in the form of natural resources, air, land and ecosystems providing goods and services in particular waste absorption;
2. Social capital in the form of functioning social networks and institutions often embodying intellectual assets;
3. Human capital in the form of an educated, happy and healthy population and workforce;
4. Financial capital such as stocks, bonds and currency deposits; and
5. Produced capital such as machinery, buildings, monuments, telecommunications and other types of infrastructure.

HIFI provides a multi-faceted overview on sustainable energy investments; it can cover any country, enabling comparison on a global scale. It focuses on energy policies that are set by national policy makers.

The results of HIFI allow investors to decide in which countries to invest where projects are likely to have a greater success and profitability while meeting ecodevelopment objectives. It also allows investors to compare performance across countries and identify those countries that offer better conditions for investment in energy projects.

Unlike some initiatives that are carried out on a one-time basis or updated infrequently, HIFI can be updated regularly.

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